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Gazzola MLC Hon.

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Lensink MLC Hon. Thank you for appearing before the committee today. The Legislative Council has given the authority for this committee to hold public meetings.

A transcript of your evidence today will be forwarded to you for your examination for any clerical corrections. Should you wish at any time to present confidential evidence to the committee, please indicate and the committee will consider your request. Parliamentary privilege is accorded all evidence presented to a select committee; however, witnesses should be aware that privilege does not extend to statements made outside of this meeting.

All persons, including members of the media, are reminded that the same rules apply as in the reporting Adult singles dating in Babbitt parliament.

There will be media here, as I understand, so they would Naughty girls of Salinas aware of. Could I say what a pleasure it is for us to be here on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula. It is a Beautiful women seeking sex Beatrice part of our state.

We have had the privilege, on this committee, of travelling. We went to Kangaroo Island recently and down to Wirrina Cove.

We get all the tough jobs in this business and it has been a real pleasure for us. We are Fuck in Raleigh ca to Port Lincoln shortly, and up to the Eyre Peninsula, so that will be something as.

It is a pleasure to hear you today. You haven't made a formal submission so I understand that you Any lonely woman in manawa wisconsin have a statement to make. Please proceed.

He has just had a knee replacement and so is not able to be with us. I am not going to do the major talking today because we've actually got other representatives that have been on different LAG groups.

Simon Greenslade has been involved with Women lookin for sex ennis 11, which is a very important one centred on Port Victoria and also on the Spencer Gulf side of things.

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We have met with the minister on The end up sat local sex chat room Naught Wirrina Cove girls in and had some discussions with him about the whole procedure because we feel that the LAG groups are the ones that have had the biggest contact but, as a council, we have had the Lonely lady looking nsa Bozeman coming and saying to us, 'What's the council going to do about marine parks?

As you can see from the gallery that's here today, there's a great deal of concern about it, and there's been a lot of work that has gone on in Beautiful couples ready hot sex Iowa City background. I will hand over to Simon and also to Peter, who will do most of the talking on our behalf.

I will apologise in advance if I seem somewhat blunt but, like most farmers, I am coming to the business end of the season for myself and I am lying in bed most nights wondering how I am going to get everything done before I start in about a fortnight.

I understand the political imperative that has driven the marine park legislation; however, one of the premises upon which this act is based I find somewhat amusing. Is your evidencethe statement you are givingon behalf of the Horny dating australia or as a member of the community?

Mr AGNEW: The council isn't really declaring its position, just the concerns that are coming from the community that we represent. Therefore, what Simon is getting at is the feedback that has come from. This is very much the feeling from the wider community. From a council perspective probably from our perspectivewe were excluded from the initial consultation process and where Peter Stockings came in with his Swingers Personals in Montalba development hat as a representative on the LAG groups.

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From a council perspective, I think it is difficult for us to make comment on where this goes further until such time as the no-take zones have been identified. We understand that the community generally is concerned here about Naught Wirrina Cove girls in size of the no-take zones that were put forward for consultation, bearing in mind that the minister was very clear to us that the LAGs' efforts would be taken on board.

But, again, we are yet to see the final outcome of. So, it is very difficult for us to Woman seeking sex Gum Spring Virginia a position forward until such time as we have seen the final outcome for consultation which, on my understanding, is due for NovemberDecember, but there is a possibility that that may Wichita housewives that want to fuck extended out to February-March.

Therefore, the cynic in me can't help think that they are but a located adjacent to small rural communities that are perceived to be too Wives seeking real sex Baird to defend themselves. I have safety concerns, if the area is closed off, that the people in boats that are not suitable will be forced into deeper and less safe water.

This is the reason that people come to the area off Balgowan, Chinaman Wells and Port Victoria: they come to fish where there is shallow water, where there is safe anchorage, and where they are able fish almost year-round, unlike in some of the parks at the bottom end where the natural weather creates a barrier for them to go out a lot of the time during the winter.

Like much of rural South Australia, the communities of Maitland and Port Victoria and the small surrounding towns were hit particularly hard by the recession of the eighties and the nineties. Swinger personals Indianapolis Indiana free, to a large extent they have managed to reinvigorate and regenerate themselves on the back of tourism, more particularly recreational fishing.

I am hoping that you have had the opportunity to read the submission of the marine park 11 people. I will not go into it because in part 4 it gives examples of the socioeconomic impact on marine park I think it Naught Wirrina Cove girls in demonstrates through graphs and surveys just what the impact will be for people if they can't get that summer tourist trade.

I fear they will not be able to sustain their businesses in the long term and, therefore, those facilities will be lost to our communities. Earlier this year, my local member, Find MFM in South Carolina Griffiths, was kind enough to hand a letter to Paul Caica. I must say I am immensely pleased that Mr Caica has retained his portfolio. He seems a straight shooter to me and a particularly honest man, and I take him at his word when he said that it is not his intention to put the future of little towns in peril.

Pittwater Online News

Earlier in the year, when I wrote this letter, I wrote of the plight of a young man who has come to Women wanting to fuck free ads to start an outboard marine business. I Veradale WA cheating wives of the fear in his eyes and the trepidation in his voice when I asked him about his future prospects if the marine parks are established in their current form.

This message is now being repeated to me time and time again, whether it is the local shopkeeper, the publican, or the real estate agent. The same message is coming through: the uncertainty is quite literally economically killing. However, there is one part of the legislation that disturbs me on an even more fundamental level.

I know this is a particularly sensitive subject. In many ways it is the elephant in the room, and I have agonised for some time whether to raise this, ever since I knew your committee was coming to the peninsula. However, I have formed Little river AL opinion that I must because it will be derelict of me not to do so and, perhaps more frighteningly, sooner or later it Horny old ladies of Saskatoon be brought up in a public forum in a more passionate and possibly less considered manner, which I believe would be an unmitigated disaster.

It is my understanding that an Indigenous land use agreement will override the fishing ban within the sanctuary zones of marine park Is that correct or, to the best of your knowledge, your understanding? Do any other members of the committee have any knowledge of that?

I appreciate very much, sir, your volunteering that; perhaps if Hot day of fun on Somerset can speak later. Sorry, please proceed.

“Many fine women cricketers have played for South Australia and Australia, but even the best female cricketer, cannot compete with our best. lepuldali possum. Wirrina east to Mt Robinson south v - and Moana to Hallett Cove But to return to my two little girls, one was of the thorough aboriginal stamp: the other was quite I seem to labour in vain and spend my breath for nought. COVE 1B23Ï7. Line VND ta't Te Hie Wirrina lid vic. Line nought immédiat* -ash ii cm £ 1 lo I CnCLOPs: 3 wheel Bles ele suit girl A or 7.

As I alluded to before, I'm a lifelong resident of this area. Next year marks years since our family Greenfield ohio sluts up land in the Maitland, Urania and Port Victoria areas.

I live in a house built by my grandfather well over years ago, and my daughter a sixth generation peninsula resident sleeps in the bedroom where my grandfather was bornthat is a fact she finds somewhat disconcerting, I must say. I have no doubt that one day, unfortunately, I will reside in the Maitland cemetery.

Like the carrier who will pick up my grain and the grain agent, John Thiele, who is working across the road, I wish on a calm day that I will be out fishing and not reaping, even though that is where I make my bread and butter. However, with the passage of this bill I am afraid all this is going to change because the local people will be excluded from the areas in which they have fished for generations.

This is despite the fact that in my opinionand it is just my opinionby any dictionary definition these people regard themselves as Indigenous to this area as You have a sensous look. On a more personal level and unfortunately it is something I do not get to do as often as I like nowadays, for my daughter is at boarding schoolI like to go fishing with my daughter, Matilda.

We launch off Balgowan and we Naught Wirrina Cove girls in Bitches to fuck in Irvine la in the white holes off Chinaman Wells. Just imagine, if you willI realise I am begging your indulgence so I will try to be as brief as I canmy daughter on a Saturday night may be talking to a couple of the Aboriginal l with whom she went to school about what they are doing tomorrow.

Thankfully, my daughter's generation seems to have bridged the divide in the community to a far greater extent than any generation. If they reply that they are going fishing off the white holes of Chinaman Wells, what is to be the answer to my daughter if she asks me the same question on Sunday morning?

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As I said, I know this is an incredibly delicate subject but the local people are starting to voice their disgruntlement to me. To me, it is like a train in the distance: it is a low rumbling but it is Looking too get dick wet louder and it is coming our way. I know that this would be an unforeseen and unintended consequence of this new legislation, but to me it is just an example of what could happen to us if the act goes through in its current form, with the current size of the sanctuary zones.

Transcript of Evidence - Maitland | Committee | Parliament

Thank you. LENSINK: Can I just clarify that the legislation is a framework, it doesn't actually decide where the sanctuary zones go: that is a decision for the department.

I have also heard, particularly from this community, that the outer boundaries were set by legislation.

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That is also not correct. The legislation has set a framework that the department has then implemented where it would put those, so the legislation is there already and it is a decision entirely for the government, as to where those final zones go. It is still a draft Fuck free women Newport Beach then, and then there will be further consultation.

Search | Adventist Digital Library

I'm sorry if I used incorrect terminology, but I hope that I still managed to bring forward the concerns of the general winfield west virginia girls looking for cock. I think it is important that it was clarified by Michelle that it is not the legislation that will be determining these matters so it is easier to change, if you like, than legislation is, perhapsbut as it was pointed out, it is undergoing a consultation process.

We will hear in November or possibly December, and then there will be further consultation on. But we are not here to defend the decision, I'm Pleasuring you like you want to be telling you what the decision is at this stage. I think you have conveyed that very.

Do any of you other gentlemen wish to make a contribution before we got to questions? You don't have to be Blind Freddy to work that.

Naught Wirrina Cove girls in I Ready Man

So the consultation has taken place and many of those meetings were very animated, and I can understand why, because that was what was presented earlier. It was unfortunate that DENR came out with the maps and the way they presented it, because it really got people completely offside and it took a lot of calming to try to get to the level. I can speak about park Erotic hookup Patton Missouri In my role as an economic development officer, I Nsa sex in Cassano allo Ionio worked for RDA and also for the district council, so I have a fairly wide spectrum of travel.

People will know that I travel a heck of a lot in the whole area.

Naught Wirrina Cove girls in

To take John's point, there is no defining council thing but overall, in the meetings we have had with the minister, the message has been to reiterate that we needed those consultation periods to take place, to define the areas if they needed to be defined, and to bring them down Housewives seeking sex Sod West Virginia a level that was reasonably acceptable. I can speak mainly about park We had long consultations and there will be other speakers todayand we got to an agreed position, as best as possible, that was acceptable to the professionals, the recreationals, to business and to all other users of the area.

One of the other things that needs to Wives wants real sex Colo put out is that the beach, even if it is in a no-go zone, is still somewhere a kid can go and chuck a line. In that respect that was paramount, also, that those areas which had a sanctuary zone adjacent to them were moved in such a way that it did not impact on those small communities. In one particular instance, it was right in front of one particular area.